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While every ship is driven by its captain, the ship of interpret is driven by a pirate.  He's that pirate who knows how to maintain a perfect balance between playing a leader to his comrades and a fellow teammate; also making sure everyone gets a good share of the booty.
An editor and director himself, he makes sure the product that goes under the name of interpret is of top notch quality and of high standard. Interpret is his brain child and he believes in always setting highly ambitious goals, and ofcourse, achieving them too.
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Punit Shah - Founder at Interpret Media
At first glance, things you would definitely notice is his huge complicated beard. But what's more complicated and huge is his very brain.
That could take a while to notice though.
Like a magician, he can turn simple ideas into stunning looking visuals, moving not an inch away from his computer.
Calm and composed always, he strives for perfection everytime.
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Mufaddal Dewaswala - Graphic Designer at Interpret Media
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While the tag Junior Rahman might seem a bit exaggerated, he has everything in him that can make him one, one day. Hardworking, open to experimenting, trying out something new always, constant learner, creative and a perfectionist are just some of his best traits apart from being extremely talented.
At times, he gets so engrossed into his work, he forgets he's got to sleep too.
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One can never find him isolated. His two soulmates are forever with him - His Camera and His Bike. What he manages to achieve with the support of his soulmates is simply incredible. His passion for the craft is relentless. Undoubtedly creative, forever bubbling with ideas(some really wacky ones) and a tech encyclopedia describes him the best.
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shooting star SHREEDUTTA
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Shreedutta Namjoshi - Cinematographer at Interpret Media
Rohan Puntambekar - Music Director at Interpret Media
Being a Die-hard fan of Priyanka Chopra does suggest a good taste in women. But that's not why he's a part of Intepret. His field of (P)interest is Social Media and follows every social media platform out there. He is a veteran at all things social media and always bubbling with enthusiasm. At times, he can get quite unpredictable and surprise you with his skills.
He is the youngest member of our team but his Social Quotient is higher than the IQ of all the other team members combined. 
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Sonali Sharma - Writer at Interpret Media
Jugaad is what he's born to do. A management graduate, he's got a knack for managing both people and situations with ease. The most outgoing of all, he is ever ready to take up anything new that's challenging enough. Versatile enough to adapt to different situations and roles, he can be unpredictable at times with his amazingly creative ideas.
He likes to be straightforward rather than beating around the bush. So he likes to get straight to the buisness.
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Sanjay Pillai - Marketing Head at Interpret Media
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