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​We are a bunch of young, enthusiastic, caffeine addicted creative heads who
eat, live and breathe Digital!


Given our passion for the craft, we’ve gained quite a bit of professional experience.
It was on a relentless pursuit of video nirvana did we come across true knowledge -
“everything comes with a price, almost always overpriced, and seldom ever underpriced...” So we thought -​
“Let’s make seldom happen more often!"
and here we are collaborating, for the greater good.


In an age where digital media is making its presence
felt in a big way, Interpret Media is street-smart, inventive, and budget-friendly; 
and that’s not the only thing that keeps us going.
Our love for our work ensures top quality,
responsible dealings with your projects.
Since we’re all about getting the job done, well and on schedule, we’ve neither had nor given any reason to complain so far, and we intend to keep that status quo.
Since we've said enough, you might wanna hear our work talk.
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