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'two' much passion 

A filmmaker by aspiration, an entrepreneur by ambition. Creatively dissatisfied, he quit his job at an advertising agency and started Interpret Media with his school mate Mufaddal back in the year 2013. 
Interpret Media is his brain child and he makes sure every product that goes under its name is of top notch quality and of high standard.
He leads the team from the front, constantly setting higher goals and working super-hard towards acheiving them.
His workaholism and immense passion makes Interpret Media what it is.
Punit Shah  |  Co-founder
With a master's degree in Microbiology, no one in their wildest dreams would have ended up co-founding a media agency, but being different from the crowd is his forte. With active interest in graphic design and social media right from his school days, he was always meant to do something in that space. 
His inclination towards a career in a creative field is what got him excited about Interpret Media when Punit approached him with the idea. He's played a vital role in its inception and growth over the years.
Pursued an MBA in marketing for better marketing approach to incorporate in his creative ideas.
He is truly the backbone of Interpret Media with an ability to think differently and  push the team to bring out their best.   
Mufaddal Dewaswala  |  Co-founder
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